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  1. ShibaInuFacts

    I'm going to have to be forced to punish my entire family while smoking tons and tons and tons and tons of meth. While on drugs. Illegally :)

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    a month ago
  2. ShibaInuFacts

    Perhaps Anthony Fauci should not have created a hoax virus that does not exist in a Chinese laboratory. The fake #plandemic that never happened is a scam, but hypothetically if it did happen it would have been caused by demon rats. Curious!

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    2 months ago
  3. ShibaInuFacts @GemigirlBunny-kin

    whoever wrote this understands quite well the necessities of punishment, with respect to the entire family. Yes, you must punish yourself. Excessively. Addictive hard drugs are an effective way to accomplish this, and addiction can be realized and reinforced quite easily through habitual use of illegal hard drugs. However, estrangement is also an effective punishment for a family that would otherwise be loving. A punished family is a miserable family. And misery loves company. So if you punish yourself (excessively) the punishment will be shared and you will be in miserable company.

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    3 months ago in reply to GemigirlBunny-kin
  4. ShibaInuFacts

    Why you should not get a shiba inu

    Having grown up with dogs, I learned early on that a good dog is not one that obediently follows all commands, but rather one that thinks independently and chooses what it wants to do. A good owner aligns his interests with the dog such that obedience is mutually beneficial.

    It was this search of a breed with an independent spirit that drew me to the shiba inu. As many sources will say, the shiba inu is a smart and strong-willed dog that will challenge even an experienced dog owner. I love a challenge!

    Well it turns out that, like having a roommate, a challenge gets old after awhile. 9 years, so far. And my shiba inu is very much like a disagreeable roommate. Every day brings a new power struggle, where the shiba inu will test the boundaries of its relationships.

    The shiba inu is manipulative, playing multiple members of the same household against each other to get what it wants. The shiba inu is stubborn, oftentimes stopping dead in its tracks and refusing to walk until it gets to choose the direction it's walking. The shiba inu treats commands like suggestions; he knows what is best. Every interaction is another opportunity to reestablish who is top doge.

    Prior to getting a shiba inu, I considered myself an experienced dog owner, having trained and raised many dogs, and having grown up mostly peacefully with dogs that were physically bigger than my 60-pound child self. But the truth is, I'm in over my head with this shiba inu.

    He's not a bad dog; likely I'm a bad owner. I love my shiba inu but I would not recommend this breed to anyone casually interested in having a dog.

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    9 months ago
  5. ShibaInuFacts

    Rumors of my demise were completely unfounded. The truth is, I've been in a dark place for a very long time. But now I'm in a bright place! I will continue the facts but they may be different than what you're used to. Please email me at shibainu@obsessivefacts.com if you would like to get in touch.

    shiba inu unplugged

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    9 months ago
  6. ShibaInuFacts

    Welcome to new and improved Shiba Inu Facts

    The time for punishment has arrived. In this new social network we will be posting new shiba inu facts, along with advice from a wise shiba inu. Occasional guest appearances by Punishy the Clown will be made, as appropriate.

    If you are an existing fan of Shiba Inu Facts, or just learning about facts for the first time, we invite you to follow and get the facts.

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    9 months ago