Frequently Asked Questions

What the hell is this?

This is a parody clone of the Twitter app as it existed in 2009, with a twist:
all posts must be greater than 140 characters long.

We built this years ago to explore a simple question: what if Twitter had encouraged meaningful discourse, rather than sound bites and self-promotion? Of course that was well before the hate mobs, the incessant flame wars between "libtards" and "nazis," and the unbelievable level of corporate and government mass surveillance that we enjoy today. We didn't see that coming!

Isn't Twitter with long posts just a shitty blog?

Well yeah. Twitter eventually noticed this too. They realized how far behind they were in the shitty blog market, so they taped some shitty blog features to their app, like the ability to create threads and longer posts. They stole our idea! (We should sue them.)

What is the NPC User?

Fmiffel uses cookies to keep you logged in and make it possible to post without an arduous registration process. However, some people don't like it when web sites install cookies (aka. random tracking software) on their computers, and so they turn on the Do Not Track (DNT) setting in their browsers. It is unethical for websites to use cookies when users have DNT enabled, so instead we give these folks access to the NPC User account.

The NPC User is similar to any other account, except it's shared by a lot of people and has a couple of limitations: no deleting posts and no unfollowing people.

This is your brain on /r/politics

Why did my post get deleted?

You probably violated our Community Standards. Don't worry! There is no appeals process.

What are your Community Standards?

In order to create a safe platform for ad revenue and behavioral tracking, we require that users follow our Community Standards. Broadly speaking this means that all posts must adhere to the progressive utopian political and social ideology of our company and its employees. We do not allow hate speech on our platform. We define hate speech as any post that disrupts the commercial narratives of our advertisers, interferes with our lobbying efforts, challenges our approved ideology, or otherwise hurts our feelings. Users who repeatedly violate our policies will be flagged as foreign bots and banned.

Will you offer an API?

We are currently building an API to automate the process of digging up inappropriate jokes posted by our users, enabling journalists and mob participants to quickly and easily ruin peoples' lives over shit they posted years ago. Once our API is ready we will promptly revoke access to anyone who uses it, if we like what they're doing and want to sherlock their products.

I have a different question.

For any other questions, please contact us.