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A Gemini browser, inspired by Netscape Navigator 2.0. 


Gemini is a text-based alternative web protocol, aka "smol internet" or the "dork web." Geminispace exists as a refuge from the increasingly bloated and corporate-controlled World Wide Web. This is a minimalist online space where content is front and center, users are people, and constraints inspire creativity. 


Using this proxy browser you can explore Geminispace without installing any special software. 


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Here are some links to other Gemini capsules to get you started! 


Project Gemini


CAPCOM Geminispace aggregator

Cosmos Geminispace aggregator

Antenna Geminispace aggregator


(NOTE: Antenna engages in political censorship, so it may be an echo chamber.) 


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Open Location

Open Location:

Security Warning

This app is a proxy between your computer and any Geminispace origin server. Although we promise not to do anything shady, you should use a real Gemini client if you want verifiable TLS encryption.

See our privacy policy for more info.

gemini-proxy v1.0.0

Here's Johnny!

gemini-proxy is a project of obsessivefacts.com
Contact: henriquez@protonmail.com


This proxy only supports Gemini Protocol addresses.