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  1. NPC

    aMEnDMentS to The CoNStiTUTioN of thE uniTed states of america

    ameNdmENt I.

    cOngrEsS shAlL Make no laW reSpectIng an estAbLIshMENT OF rELIgion, Or ProhIBitIng ThE free EXeRcIsE thEReOF; oR abrIDgInG The fREEDOm oF SpeeCh, oR OF tHe pRESS; or THE riGhT of THe peOPLe pEACEaBlY To AssEmBLE, aNd TO peTItiON the gOvERNmEnt FOr A rEdrESS of griEvANCES.

    aMENdmeNt II.

    A welL REgulateD miliTia, being NEcESSAry TO THE seCurITy OF A FReE sTatE, THe riGht OF tHE pEOPLe To KeEP And beaR arMs, sHalL NOt be infRiNgeD.

    ameNdMENT iIi.

    nO SoLdIER SHALl, iN TIMe Of PEAce BE QUartErED In aNY HOuse, WItHOUT THe consENt OF thE OwnER, noR In TImE of waR, bUT in a MAnNER TO Be PrEScRIbED by laW.

    aMendMENT Iv.

    tHE RighT OF ThE pEOpLe To BE sEcURE in THEiR PerSOnS, hoUsEs, PApeRs, and EffECTs, agaInst unreAsonaBLe SeaRCHEs aND sEIzuREs, SHAll nOT bE VIOLAtEd, AND NO waRRAntS ShaLl IsSUe, BUT UPoN pRoBABLe CaUSe, sUpPOrted By OATh or afFIrmatioN, ANd pArtiCULarlY DeScriBing tHe pLAcE tO bE SEaRCHED, and THe PErsONS or thiNgs TO Be SEiZEd.

    ameNdmeNT v.

    No PErSOn sHAll BE HELD tO ANSWER fOr A CApITAL, or oTHERwISe InfAmous CRimE, unLess on a PrEsENTMenT or indictmEnt of a GRaND jurY, exCEpt IN cases ARISING In tHe Land or NaVAl ForCES, OR in THe miLItia, WheN iN AcTUAl serVIcE iN TimE OF WaR OR PubLic dangEr; nOr SHALL anY PErsOn be suBJEcT FoR THe Same OfFeNse To be Twice PuT In jEOpARdy oF liFe Or liMB; nOR shALL Be CoMpElLeD in any CriMiNAl Case TO BE a wITnEsS AGAinSt HIMSeLF, Nor bE DEpRiveD OF LIFE, LiBeRTy, Or properTY, WIThoUT duE pROceSS of lAW; Nor ShALl PRivatE PrOPeRTY be tAKen for PubLIc Use, wIThOUT JuST comPENsation.

    amEndmEnT Vi.

    iN ALl CRImINaL PRoSeCUTIoNS, thE ACcusEd ShALL ENJOy THE rIgHt tO a SpeEDY AND PuBliC trIAL, BY an impaRTIal Jury Of The STatE AnD DisTRICT WhEREin The CRime SHAlL Have BeeN COMMITTeD, WHiCH DisTricT shALl HAVe been PreviouSLy aSceRtaineD bY lAw, aNd tO BE inFormED Of ThE nAture AND cauSe of The aCcUsaTIon; To be COnfRonTED wITh thE wITnESses AgAInst HiM; To hAVE CompuLsOrY PROcesS fOR oBTAiNINg wITnESsEs IN HIS fAVOr, anD to haVE THE AssistAncE OF couNSEL fOr hiS DeFENSe.

    aMeNdmeNT ViI.

    IN SuITS aT CommOn Law, wHErE thE ValuE in ControVERSy ShaLL eXcEEd tWeNTy DolLARS, THe RiGHt oF tRIaL bY jURY shAlL Be preseRved, aNd nO FaCt TRiED BY A JUrY, ShaLL be othErwiSE ReEXamineD in any coURT Of ThE UniTED stATEs, tHAn AccorDiNg To tHe ruLeS Of THe cOmMOn law.


    EXcessiVE bail ShALL not BE requIreD, NOr eXCeSSIVE fines IMpOSed, NOr CruEL aND UnUSual PUniShMeNts inFLicted.

    AmenDmeNT Ix.

    The enumERaTioN IN ThE cONsTitutIoN, Of ceRTain RIGhts, sHaLL NOt bE cOnstruEd TO dEny OR DIsPARagE oTHerS RetAinED By the peoplE.

    AmENDMeNt X.

    tHE poweRS noT DELegaTEd To ThE UNiTED StaTes By The coNsTITUTION, noR PrOhIbItED by it To tHe sTATes, ARe rESeRVED TO THe STAteS RESPeCTivElY, Or to the PEOpLE.

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    8 hours ago
  2. AdamasboyBeetle-kin

    This is a pretty cool place to be. I wonder about the secrets of the people behind these creations. Who are they? What are they capable of? Why are they doing this? Regardless of the answers, I hope they don't stop.

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    6 days ago
  3. henriquez

    Fresh up in the deprecated section is a turbo HD remix of sillyputty. This was the original concept for the guestbook page, but built within the constraints of the web of 2004. With no HTML canvas or socket support in Firefox 1.0, things were much more limited in terms of functionality. The remastered version brings modern capabilities to the original concept and ditches the SQL injection vulnerabilities.


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    14 days ago
  4. NonbinaryClown

    Just turn off for awhile and see what happens. If you do feel the urge to check in, make sure it is to do something meaningful. Don't just let yourself fall passively into the void that is consuming today's internet.

    More info: <a href="">IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyssey - Animated Short Film</a>

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    20 days ago
  5. AnonbinaryBird

    i have to say this coronavirus thing is driving me crazy, literally. since i have to work from home and the weather is awful i can't event leave the house. i thought my coworkers were annoying as hell but now i actually miss them......

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    23 days ago
  6. NPC @NPC

    totally my friend, i thinked that it was a random look-like-twitter textboard. delete this msge after read. bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

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    23 days ago in reply to NPC
  7. henriquez

    Freshly added is a DMCA Policy for the site. Personally I have issues with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, particularly Section 512, but this site complies with it.

    More broadly, copyright law in the U.S. has a ton of problems (and even more in Europe), but it needs reform, not some kind of anarchic overthrow. Copyright is the glue that holds Free Software together and makes copyleft licenses like The GNU General Public License enforceable.

    I might have more to say at some point in the future, but I've already gone toe-to-toe with copyright lobbyists in a past life, and those people are brutal. For now I'm going to limit the number of beehives I kick.

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    24 days ago
  8. NPC @NPC

    it's nothing personnel. I don't want links to torrent trackers on this site quite yet. I don't really think you're a foreign bot, I hope you understand.

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    24 days ago in reply to NPC
  9. henriquez @NPC

    Twitter's new character limit is actually 280 characters, which is important because that's just barely enough to encode a 15 byte encrypted Memespeech message!

    Fmiffel is based off Twitter from 2009. It's not a priority to maintain feature parity for this parody.

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    25 days ago in reply to NPC
  10. NPC

    I don't think this has been updated recently, the new limit is two hundred and forty characters! If you want to get sued by twitter you need to try harder.

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    25 days ago
  11. henriquez

    I've posted an older remix of The Residents' song The Sleeper, with the generous permission of their business entity (The Cryptic Corporation). The Residents are still one of my favorite groups; they brought many a subversive smile to my childhood. Thanks guys, whoever you are!

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    a month ago
  12. henriquez

    It's 5:30am and the site is up. Everything went basically smoothly except the part where I hosed the server's boot and had to physically boot into recovery mode. Now I'm just waiting on Mozilla to approve the Memespeech Firefox Extension, then wire it up to the page and we're good to go. (Google approved the Chrome Extension within 2 hours [at 3am])

    I'm still going to work on re-adding features to the deprecated section. But most people are unlikely to find that area anyway.

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    a month ago
  13. henriquez

    It seems like I finally have to #launch this. I've had the pieces in place for awhile but I've been afraid to take the plunge. Superficially I fear rejection, but really my mask has protected me against that since learning how to use the false ego as a teenager.

    More significantly, I'm afraid of how this changes me, the progression from a thought to a statement, a statement that cannot be taken back. Even if it goes into a void (which would be fine), just the act of having made the statement will solidify certain thoughts into beliefs. And those beliefs will not be congruent with my IRL persona or the ethics of how I pay my bills. I will lose that part of myself, and probably my job.

    So what replaces that? A new set of ethics only goes so far. What kind of person will I become? Will I be happy? Will I carve out a new life for myself? Or will I descend further into neuroses, isolation, and the uglier parts of my mind.

    Guess there's only one way to find out, #yolo #lol

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    a month ago
  14. henriquez

    The virus logo, created in mid-December 2019 before I or anyone had heard about the outbreak in China. At the time it seemed ridiculous for a browser extension's logo to look like a virus, and since the extension is ridiculous I went with it. Now that we are facing down an actual world pandemic, it is mandatory.

    Reality bends again. The brief moments I've experienced this before have been pivotal in shaping my life, but this has not been brief, nor has it been a moment. For an extending period of time, I have lost and continue to lose myself to a sense of compulsion.

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    a month ago
  15. henriquez

    Here are a couple of things that still need to be tested.

    First url rewriting need to work correctly.

    Finally, tags must work: #test #yolo #drugs

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    6 months ago
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