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  1. henriquez

    So unfortunately the shiba inu needed ACL surgery and since I'm recently unemployed this required the shedding of many earthly possessions. But as the narrator in Fight Club mentioned, the things you own end up owning you. Maybe without them I will be more free. You probably won't see more shiba inu facts until he's feeling more like his usual self.

    I find it interesting that the initials of Fight Club or FC correspond to Ted Kaczynski's "Freedom Club," the pseudonym under which he tried to justify numerous murders and acts of terrorism to the media. His manifesto was interesting, visionary in many ways, but crucially flawed in its conclusions. He has no justification to support his belief that technology is the root of all human unhappiness, other than the fact that he just didn't like other people.

    Personally, I still believe technology can be used for the good of mankind.

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    8 months ago
  2. henriquez

    I am in Barnseville, MN winding down from a pregame party before a wedding. The bride’s mom’s house is already full of family friends crashing under varying degrees of ethanol intoxication, and so my significant other and I were granted access to an air mattress in the living room. Unfortunately due to my insomnia I doubt I will be sleeping much tonight and instead wrote this post. Remember, no matter how much of a drunk you worry you are - you are loved.

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    9 months ago
  3. henriquez

    So the facts have been up for awhile now. There aren't too many yet, but a site about facts should at least have some facts on it.

    It took a long time to put all of this together. We've been up in some form since 2004, and a lot has changed since then. I was exploring a dream world, a place I'm still exploring, but I've run into a plateau.

    This time I don't think the problem can be solved from behind my keyboard. It's not a surprise; this site was always only intended to scratch the Surface.

    I need a teacher, a mentor, to help me break from this loop and explore from a different angle. Whether that's physical, spiritual, or both, I want to learn, to be a student again.

    I don't know if this is goodbye for now, but wouldn't be surprised either way.

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    2 years ago
  4. henriquez

    Okay, we're back up. That wasn't so bad, was it? Sometimes you've just got to chuck the server on a plane, turn tail and run away. I waffle on the oxford comma.

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    3 years ago
  5. henriquez

    I'm taking the server down because I'm changing physical locations. Probably I should have thought this through better and hopefully nothing breaks permanently. Goodbye world, see you soon!

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    3 years ago
  6. henriquez

    Lately I've been waking up in the middle of the night feeling an unspecified dread. I have so much energy but it's all being funneled into my career leaving other ambitions untended. I used to wonder more whether I was making the right choice to slow down my art in favor of making money. But I stopped wondering. Maybe this dread is some part of me forcing the issue back up.

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    3 years ago
  7. henriquez

    The more I think about this the more I wonder, am I another one of their projections? I've let myself be used like one of them for so long. Years. But it was in the purpose of our overall vision, or that's what I told myself. I'm starting to doubt that I even exist, at least any more than the others. Would I be cast aside? I don't want to disappear.

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    4 years ago
  8. henriquez

    Sad, tense. I once wrote this, I no longer believe it to be true;

    In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle ponders what makes for a “good” life. He considers a hierarchical view of what is good based on the ends of a particular action being used to affect more important actions with more important ends. For example, a blacksmith builds a sword for a soldier. Certainly, Aristotle would say, the sword itself is more important than the act of crafting it, for the process of crafting was taken for the sole purpose of creating the sword. Then, the soldier who uses the sword to achieve victory for the country in battle would fall under a similar discussion: the victory is more “good” than the battle.

    But, the ends of these actions were only worth pursuing for the sake of something else. Is there any end worth pursuing for its own sake and never for the sake of something else? Aristotle proposes that happiness is the most “complete” end to all of our other pursuits.

    He then argues that happiness comes from action in accordance with virtue, but this confounds his previous definition of happiness as an end in and of itself. Consider the example of a virtuous man who believes so strongly in his principles that he is willing to stand up against an unjust government and be killed for promoting his beliefs. Suppose he becomes a martyr, and his death is instrumental in turning the hearts and minds of citizens and overthrowing the unjust government. He may derive pleasure from acting virtuously, but he does not achieve happiness, because he his killed.

    This contradicts Aristotle’s assertion that happiness itself is the most important end to any hierarchy of actions and outcomes. Rather, I claim that happiness is irrelevant to whether a life is good.

    Consider, again, the same man as above. Suppose he is severely depressed and addicted to drugs and alcohol. Despite his vices he is a virtuous man of action, and as Aristotle notes, he derives pleasure from acting in accordance with his virtues. But any happiness that comes from this pleasure is overshadowed by depression, despair and anger. Could we say that he lived a good life?

    I say yes. If the bad of the man’s vices is overshadowed by the greater good of his political activism, and if the disruption of trying to break his addiction and depression would prevent him from achieving his goals, then he could live a good life by acting virtuously, in spite of his flaws and never experiencing happiness. This man is a sad puppet of his own virtues with nothing else to live for, but his actions are good in the same way that the blacksmith’s process of crafting is good, or the soldier battling to protect the country is good.

    Living a good life can involve sacrificing one’s self, and so happiness is irrelevant to living a good life. Rather, acting virtuously, according to a set of principles, and working to improve society as a whole, potentially in spite of one’s self-interests, are factors that comprise a good life. The good in improving the world outweighs the good an individual may experience personally in our judgment of his life. Otherwise we would have to say that it is good to act purely out of self-interest and in pursuit of the most basic of pleasures.

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    4 years ago
  9. henriquez @AutigenderOwl-kin

    thanks and / or sorry for letting me test the guestbook rollback censor. I probably shouldn't do this but I'm childish and I hate to lose.

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    4 years ago in reply to AutigenderOwl-kin
  10. henriquez

    Fresh up in the deprecated section is a turbo HD remix of sillyputty. This was the original concept for the guestbook page, but built within the constraints of the web of 2004. With no HTML canvas or socket support in Firefox 1.0, things were much more limited in terms of functionality. The remastered version brings modern capabilities to the original concept and ditches the SQL injection vulnerabilities.


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    4 years ago
  11. henriquez

    Freshly added is a DMCA Policy for the site. Personally I have issues with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, particularly Section 512, but this site complies with it.

    More broadly, copyright law in the U.S. has a ton of problems (and even more in Europe), but it needs reform, not some kind of anarchic overthrow. Copyright is the glue that holds Free Software together and makes copyleft licenses like The GNU General Public License enforceable.

    I might have more to say at some point in the future, but I've already gone toe-to-toe with copyright lobbyists in a past life, and those people are brutal. For now I'm going to limit the number of beehives I kick.

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    4 years ago
  12. henriquez @NPC

    Twitter's new character limit is actually 280 characters, which is important because that's just barely enough to encode a 15 byte encrypted Memespeech message!

    Fmiffel is based off Twitter from 2009. It's not a priority to maintain feature parity for this parody.

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    4 years ago in reply to NPC
  13. henriquez

    I've posted an older remix of The Residents' song The Sleeper, with the generous permission of their business entity (The Cryptic Corporation). The Residents are still one of my favorite groups; they brought many a subversive smile to my childhood. Thanks guys, whoever you are!

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    4 years ago
  14. henriquez

    It's 5:30am and the site is up. Everything went basically smoothly except the part where I hosed the server's boot and had to physically boot into recovery mode. Now I'm just waiting on Mozilla to approve the Memespeech Firefox Extension, then wire it up to the page and we're good to go. (Google approved the Chrome Extension within 2 hours [at 3am])

    I'm still going to work on re-adding features to the deprecated section. But most people are unlikely to find that area anyway.

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    4 years ago
  15. henriquez

    It seems like I finally have to #launch this. I've had the pieces in place for awhile but I've been afraid to take the plunge. Superficially I fear rejection, but really my mask has protected me against that since learning how to use the false ego as a teenager.

    More significantly, I'm afraid of how this changes me, the progression from a thought to a statement, a statement that cannot be taken back. Even if it goes into a void (which would be fine), just the act of having made the statement will solidify certain thoughts into beliefs. And those beliefs will not be congruent with my IRL persona or the ethics of how I pay my bills. I will lose that part of myself, and probably my job.

    So what replaces that? A new set of ethics only goes so far. What kind of person will I become? Will I be happy? Will I carve out a new life for myself? Or will I descend further into neuroses, isolation, and the uglier parts of my mind.

    Guess there's only one way to find out, #yolo #lol

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    4 years ago