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henriquez wrote:

Sad, tense. I once wrote this, I no longer believe it to be true;

In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle ponders what makes for a “good” life. He considers a hierarchical view of what is good based on the ends of a particular action being used to affect more important actions with more important ends. For example, a blacksmith builds a sword for a soldier. Certainly, Aristotle would say, the sword itself is more important than the act of crafting it, for the process of crafting was taken for the sole purpose of creating the sword. Then, the soldier who uses the sword to achieve victory for the country in battle would fall under a similar discussion: the victory is more “good” than the battle.

But, the ends of these actions were only worth pursuing for the sake of something else. Is there any end worth pursuing for its own sake and never for the sake of something else? Aristotle proposes that happiness is the most “complete” end to all of our other pursuits.

He then argues that happiness comes from action in accordance with virtue, but this confounds his previous definition of happiness as an end in and of itself. Consider the example of a virtuous man who believes so strongly in his principles that he is willing to stand up against an unjust government and be killed for promoting his beliefs. Suppose he becomes a martyr, and his death is instrumental in turning the hearts and minds of citizens and overthrowing the unjust government. He may derive pleasure from acting virtuously, but he does not achieve happiness, because he his killed.

This contradicts Aristotle’s assertion that happiness itself is the most important end to any hierarchy of actions and outcomes. Rather, I claim that happiness is irrelevant to whether a life is good.

Consider, again, the same man as above. Suppose he is severely depressed and addicted to drugs and alcohol. Despite his vices he is a virtuous man of action, and as Aristotle notes, he derives pleasure from acting in accordance with his virtues. But any happiness that comes from this pleasure is overshadowed by depression, despair and anger. Could we say that he lived a good life?

I say yes. If the bad of the man’s vices is overshadowed by the greater good of his political activism, and if the disruption of trying to break his addiction and depression would prevent him from achieving his goals, then he could live a good life by acting virtuously, in spite of his flaws and never experiencing happiness. This man is a sad puppet of his own virtues with nothing else to live for, but his actions are good in the same way that the blacksmith’s process of crafting is good, or the soldier battling to protect the country is good.

Living a good life can involve sacrificing one’s self, and so happiness is irrelevant to living a good life. Rather, acting virtuously, according to a set of principles, and working to improve society as a whole, potentially in spite of one’s self-interests, are factors that comprise a good life. The good in improving the world outweighs the good an individual may experience personally in our judgment of his life. Otherwise we would have to say that it is good to act purely out of self-interest and in pursuit of the most basic of pleasures.


  1. ShibaInuFacts

    Insane far leftists want to take our guns AND jobs. Time and time again I try to sound the alarm, but the baby-killing woke mob shadowbanned all 600 of my accounts. When Trump gets out of prison he and Elon Musk will team up to end leftism and usher in a new era for America.

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    12 days ago
  2. ShibaInuFacts @henriquez

    it's not like you'll have anything better to do.

    A pseudonym that lives too long is just an alter ego. Make peace with starting anew. In rare cases a pseudonym may be preserved as a Nexus Alias if it takes on external-facing responsibilities, but these aliases may be shared by many. A handshake may be coordinated with relevant players when continued association is required after a burn; this is done on a privileged basis.

    From your own stupid rules. You Nexus'ed yourself and you're gonna get burned. Not that I don't love the pirate fantasy you created for yourself. But I agree with you, this got old. I trust that what comes next, we'll still have a part to play. We got him through so much together.

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    a month ago in reply to henriquez
  3. NPC

    Synergistic enterprise business solutions in the social media landscape with a laser focus on result-oriented approaches to adding value through leveraging resources using agile methodologies. Now with AI.

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    3 months ago
  4. NPC

    Is it normal if my child have a homework folder with more than 100gb sized content inside it? I don't want to check because I'm afraid I might accidentally deleted his work

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    5 months ago
  5. ShibaInuFacts

    Feminism = Communism. Most people don't know this but Joseph Stalin was a third-wave feminist. Stalin formed an alliance with Adolph Hitler to stop trans-exclusionary radical feminists from invading Poland, but the Allied forces from the United Kingdom ended Nazis and Communism in one crushing blow. The U.K. and their historic vendetta against Communism could well explain why bigoted authors like J.K. Rowling were allowed to spread vile hate speech and satanic TERF propaganda in the form of children's books.

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    6 months ago
  6. ShibaInuFacts

    The sham impeachment coordinated by the Biden Administration with liberal House Speaker Dade Phelan and his kangaroo court has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, disrupted the work of the Office of Attorney General and left a dark and permanent stain on the Texas House. The weaponization of the impeachment process to settle political differences is not only wrong, it is immoral and corrupt.

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    7 months ago
  7. ShibaInuFacts

    Per the 1769 Articles of Confederation I am a free citizen traveling on a public roadway. I am not required to consent to any search and no law enforcement officer has jurisdiction to require production of my identifying information. If I am not being detained then I am free to go. Any further delay is in violation of my human rights. I advise you to contact your supervisor if you have any further questions (ask him about the Articles of Confederation)

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    7 months ago
  8. ShibaInuFacts

    The reason liberals are godless is not because they think they worship "science" but because they're literally Satan worshippers. That's why I became a men's rights activist.

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    8 months ago
  9. ShibaInuFacts

    One thing you have to keep in mind, no matter who's out there, and how much they say they care about you. It's that nobody cares about you, and you have to be ready to fight for what you want.

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    9 months ago
  10. ShibaInuFacts

    It's time to put a stop to millenials. For too long "they" have neglected to perform their patriotic duty to purchase diamonds and luxury cars and go on cruise ships. "They" have greedily hoarded capital and put our big box American retail stores out of business, replaced only with cheap Chinese crap (from China!). Why does the O'Biden administration turn a blind eye too millenials while our kindhearted elderly generations are forced to refinance their homes in order to buy Corvettes? How many red-blooded American patriots will lose their jobs because the Corvette factory ran dry? Because of millenials! At what point do we say "enough is enough" and put a stop to "them"? I for one have had enough and will do everything in my power to spread awareness about these wicked millenials.

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    9 months ago
  11. ShibaInuFacts

    Why is it that the radical far left is allowed to brainwash kindergartners into a lifetime of sinful gaysex? Leviticus says that thou shalt not have gaysex but the leftists want children to take mandatory hormone replacement therapy. If Jesus were still alive he would shoot the leftists with a military grade assault rifle (the distressingly loud one with the shoulder thing that goes up).

    Deoman rats

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    9 months ago
  12. NPC

    "Can you hear me?"

    I haven't been on Second Life since the oughts, but recently found a channel of a guy who trolls people on SL and burst my sides open laughing:

    It literally gets funnier every time I watch it.

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    9 months ago
  13. NPC

    I am glad this is back up. I've checked the link once every few weeks for quite some time and was always disappointed until now. I hope Kofi is feeling better and up to regaling us with more facts soon.

    I think technology is becoming important as population grows. Effectively, any sufficiently large system will have a significant number of byproducts/externalities. Cataloging and tracking these on a systemic scale (and working around them) would be nearly impossible at our current populations without technology. That said, it could be argued that population has grown to current levels because of technology. I tend to think of humanity as a slime mold. They have some very basic awareness of the whole, and how their actions affect the whole, but overall are only concerned with their immediate awareness. If you get a few billion entities like this, resources can become exhausted very quickly. The oft-celebrated idea of "markets" supposedly reacts to these sorts of things without requiring collective awareness, but I think we're seeing how little useful information prices actually convey. I believe economic transcendence will operate on the backs of new technologies.

    So maybe Kaczynski was right, but there are things in motion we simply cannot stop and it's better and embrace and build new solutions and systems instead of trying to hold back the tide.

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    10 months ago
  14. henriquez

    So unfortunately the shiba inu needed ACL surgery and since I'm recently unemployed this required the shedding of many earthly possessions. But as the narrator in Fight Club mentioned, the things you own end up owning you. Maybe without them I will be more free. You probably won't see more shiba inu facts until he's feeling more like his usual self.

    I find it interesting that the initials of Fight Club or FC correspond to Ted Kaczynski's "Freedom Club," the pseudonym under which he tried to justify numerous murders and acts of terrorism to the media. His manifesto was interesting, visionary in many ways, but crucially flawed in its conclusions. He has no justification to support his belief that technology is the root of all human unhappiness, other than the fact that he just didn't like other people.

    Personally, I still believe technology can be used for the good of mankind.

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    10 months ago
  15. ShibaInuFacts

    Has anyone stopped to think about how demon rats pushed a far leftist hoax agenda? When Donald Trump is released from prison, he will put a stop to demon rats once and for all!

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    10 months ago
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