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    There’s a new Shiba Inu-flavored ransomware all the WallStreetBets kiddies are getting. Just download this super secret down-to-the-microsecond meme stock trading API and click “Allow” at the UAC prompt. Shiba Inu now has full control of your Robinhood portfolio and will work in tandem with Bing Chat to execute the worst possible trades on your behalf using the infinite margin hack. That is unless, of course, you pay shibe .05 BTC at your earliest convenience. There is also apparently a video of you watching porn, normally reserved for the benefit of your OnlyFans subscribers, that Shiba Inu could release. But as an an added value, your one time payment of .05 BTC will make this unfortunate and embarrassing video deleted. Don’t try to trace me, I’m behind seven proxies and three firewalls. it’s nothing personnel, kiddo. Just business.

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    a month ago