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  1. Insomnia

    I haven't been able to sleep lately. Heh. It makes me crazy. Things are okay though. I'm back in school since staying in school is cool and drugs are bad, so I'm taking math classes and stuff. Oh I have an exam in five hours, so it's time to start studying for that.

    You'll probably get a kick out of the new thing on F Sharp... it reflects my current mental state and employs some pretty slap-happy scripting.

    Oh, and you might not notice it, but I pretty much got rid of that invisible frameset that this site was stuck in before. AJAX is a much more elegant method of dynamic server communication. Not that you should care, but the site has a slightly more elegant architecture, and it should now be visible to search engines. The Chess and Sillyputty pages are now using invisible IFRAMEs since the code to these pages is too horribly done for it to be worth converting to AJAX. Between now and when I built these pages, I've had nearly two years of commercial web site development in a full-time business environment, so you can be sure that forthcoming pages will be much more well-coded. I apologize for n00bish PHP code that you can't see anyway! Woo hoo! Fun fun fun!

    Um yeah, that surely made tons of sense. I need to study for my music theory exam now. Ta ta!

    Posted 2006-03-06 00:00:00 PST by henriquez. Comments