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  1. How to not use Twitter API to backup & delete your profile

    Twitter is really dumb and everyone should delete their accounts. I wrote a different piece on why, so let's just accept that premise. OK, well deleting seems scary because many people have spent years posting on Twitter with tons of original content and photos and whatever. The idea of deleting all of that just to spite Twitter is pretty extreme. But Twitter doesn't own your data—you do! So take it back.

    In this post, I'm learning as I go with Twitter API and hope to accomplish the following:

    1. Get access to Twitter API fuck it
    2. Use Twitter API to download all my old tweets and photos just scrape it
    3. Delete all tweets from my Twitter account
    4. Bonus: put the content formerly known as tweets on my own web site

    So let's get started and see how this unfolds.

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    Posted 2021-06-12 04:20:00 EST by henriquez. Comments
  2. well it's been awhile...

    I've been kind of slammed with work. I plan to redesign undefined very soon... right now I have a review of the undefined posted here.

    You probably have no idea what that means. Anyway, the new site should look similar to that and be advanced to a new level of standards compliance. And there will actually be content.

    It will probably be stuff for geeks though since I am now a full time computer nerd. So probably no more videos of crazy shit, although you can still get the final Scream Team video here. (37 megabytes).

    Unfortunately, I doubt I'll ever be coming back to undefined. Too much has changed. I never expected to be making money out here. I never expected to enjoy my job. But the unlikely happened: I have a reason to stay, and my family is following me out here.

    Just a news flash. It's been so long I doubt anyone reads this old site.

    Posted 2005-05-03 00:00:00 PST by henriquez. Comments