1. learning flash

    Hello. This post serves as a test of my improved blogging system which stores entries in a database and allows people to quickly jump from entry to entry with the little arrows on the lower left corner. Big whoop. Eventually I hope to put something in that allows people to comment. As if anyone even comes to this site.

    Not much is new in Santa Cruz. I'm (guiltily) enjoying my lighter class load this quarter. Since I had to withdraw from precalculus I've had so much more time to work on undefined. Speaking of that, a little earlier this week, after I posted the secret page (ooh), I realized that I had run into a wall: the design in my head couldn't be fully expressed with the tools I've been using to build this site. So far, undefined has been a testament to the true power of combining DHTML, Javascript, CSS and PHP. But these have their limits, and now I've been feeling somewhat constrained by them. So although I've wanted to remain a raw-code purist, this will no longer be possible: I'm a designer, not a programmer. In order to increase my design potential, I'm gonna have to break down and start using Macromedia Flash to create some of my newer designs.

    That also means I'm going to have to learn how to use Macromedia Flash. I've already got a decent start on it, and after I receive Macromedia Flash MX 2004 For Dummies, I'll become a lot more proficient. Keep an eye on the new "flash" page (the A key) ... as I learn more, it should get flashier :-D All right, that's all for now. Peace out.

    Posted 2004-05-15 00:00:00 PST by henriquez.