1. back home to undefined

    Yes it's true... I'm back in undefined for the summer. It's good to be home, although I already miss all my friends in Santa Cruz. My travels went well except for this $25 overweight luggage fee cuz my bag was 15 pounds over the 50 pound limit. Oh well. Worse things have happened to better people. Like poor old Ronald. Hopefully this summer will be nonstop excitement and entertainment. The Insplackible undefined and I will be making lots of awesome music, the likes of which the world has never heard. Music page. There shall be lots of time to make undefined.

    Speaking of that, I've made a couple of minor modifications to a few pages to make them run better. Most notably the homepage now has a "loading" screen while it's loading. The damn thing is 40 kilobytes of source code, and often the page would render before the scripts were loaded leading to Javascript glitches. No more. Other minor stuff will go unnoticed in the vast sea of human consciousness, much like the rest of this site. BAH.

    I have enclosed a picture of myself looking cracked out.

    Ok, bye bye!

    Posted 2004-06-06 00:00:00 PST by henriquez.