1. chess update

    Per the request of the illustrious undefined (who totally kicks my ass at chess) I've made it so that each player starts out with their pieces on the bottom. Before, white would always be on the bottom, and black would always be on top, but no more!

    I had to modify quite a bit of code to achieve this, so new bugs may have been introduced. So, as always, be on the lookout!

    I hope this makes the game feel more like natural to whoever plays as black. I really appreciate comments, suggestions and feedback, and hope to get more of them!

    Blah, it's 5:40 AM and I have to go to work soon. Which sucks (more than it normally would) because I can't sleep because I've been having nightmares about how I hate this job. I have to stand slightly hunched over for 8 hours in this 120 degrees Farenheit laundry room and fold napkins and towels as quickly as possible as they're spat out of this giant industrial drying machine that blasts hot air in my face. It's so much fun, the nightmares were about how I wish I could work their 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but CAN'T.

    Whatever, at least it's $$$. Peace out.

    Posted 2004-07-14 00:00:00 PST by henriquez.