1. well it's been awhile...

    I've been kind of slammed with work. I plan to redesign undefined very soon... right now I have a review of the undefined posted here.

    You probably have no idea what that means. Anyway, the new site should look similar to that and be advanced to a new level of standards compliance. And there will actually be content.

    It will probably be stuff for geeks though since I am now a full time computer nerd. So probably no more videos of crazy shit, although you can still get the final Scream Team video here. (37 megabytes).

    Unfortunately, I doubt I'll ever be coming back to undefined. Too much has changed. I never expected to be making money out here. I never expected to enjoy my job. But the unlikely happened: I have a reason to stay, and my family is following me out here.

    Just a news flash. It's been so long I doubt anyone reads this old site.

    Posted 2005-05-03 00:00:00 PST by henriquez.